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Simple in Concept

Elegant by Design

Perfected by Experience

Our engineering team have been working with driven Gyroscopes for two decades. Our belief in the need for active drive on a gyroscope to address the stabilising demands of modern ships and mega yachts is emphatic and we only offer large capacity actively driven gyroscopes.

Gyro Marine is a successful amalgam of experience in all that is required to implement gyroscope solutions. Gyro Marine has a competent engineering and manufacturing capability and a profound respect for the marine environment. Our engineering capability extends not only to naval architecture and mechanical engineering, as applied to the offshore and sub-sea industries, but to control and electrical engineering and software development. All research and development and product engineering is completed in house.

Gyro Marine is the only company exclusively promoting and offering active drive gyroscopes. Gyro Marine claims the largest capacity gyroscopes currently in service and the largest capacity proven gyroscopes on offer. Gyro Marine is underpinned by the broadest experience in Large Capacity Driven Precession Gyroscopes and a profound capability to deliver solutions.

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